Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Reflections of My Visit to the High Museum

The American art was shown on the third level of the museum.  One painting that stood out to me was “Moonlit Market” painted in 1874 by the American artist, Culverhouse.  The painting was of a market in the evening and all was kind of dark.  However, the moon and candles really seemed to illuminate the painting as if it was glowing. 
Another intriguing painting was “Life in the South”, painted by Eastman Johnson in 1870. 

Another American artist who truly captured my attention was Georgia O’Keeffe.  Her flowers were of such vivid colors.

The American and European Modern Art and Folk Art were located on the fourth level of the museum.  I must say that these were my least favorite of all of the art I saw today.  In other words, I hated it.  Not one person would want this art in their house and some of this artwork would give you nightmares.  Some of the folk art was interesting and even pretty, with the
vivid colors that were used.  For example, the painting “Yard Sale”, by Mattie Lou O’Kelley was a very pretty picture and interesting to look at, but I would never want it hanging in my house. 

Some of the modern and contemporary artwork was so simple.  It surprises me that it was in a museum.  Two of the pieces of contemporary art were even painted on tin roof material.
All in all, I would say that I very much enjoyed my first experience at the High Museum.  I now have more understanding of art and how it looked at different times in history.  Viewing historical art work is a good way for people to see and experience history, rather than just reading about it.
It was also interesting to see the different types of people who came to the museum and which types of artwork they seemed to be drawn to.  I will write more about the people in my next blog.


  1. Wow it seems that there are tons of ways that people think of the word "art". Some things are hated by some and loves by others, I guess that's why so many people are intrigued by art in general. It's such a diverse topic. I've been to the High Museum a couple times, one of which I Da Vinci and I thought that was pretty interesting.

  2. I agree with what you said about that last picture. I would never put that in my house. I don't know if it's just me, but that painting looks like a little kid could do it almost. lol. I really like all your posts though. They are really descriptive. Keep it up, and I will stay posted!