Friday, March 18, 2011

Interview with High Museum Visitors

While at the High Museum, I met a young hip/artsy looking couple from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Their names are Corey and Emily Henderson.  They had their little boy, Nigel with them.  Corey was a short small guy with balding blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.  He had on jogging pants and a green t-shirt.  Corey is the internet business.  Emily had on a long flowing skirt and some kind of hat. She had a stocky athletic build with short brown hair and brown eyes.  Nigel was the cutest little boy ever.  He had red hair, beautiful blue eyes, and such soft white skin.  After talking with them a while, I discovered that Emily owns her own photography business in New York.  They actually live in New York now, but were visiting their family in Chattanooga and took a day trip to Atlanta. Emily is a photographer for magazines, so she particularly loves art.

I asked how they liked the museum.  They said they loved the museum.  They love to go to museums whenever they travel.  They were fascinated that this was the first time I had ever been to the museum.  They particularly liked the children’s section that their son could go in and discover and play with art.  They said they spent quite a bit of time in there and were glad he had a chance to play with other children.

I told them that they have play groups in that center for toddlers every Thursday afternoon.  They do artwork with the children and they even have story time.  I asked them if this is something they would do regularly if they lived closer.  Emily said she would definitely want to do that once a month or so as an activity for Nigel, if they lived here.

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